·    Microprocessor control and monitoring

·    Infra-red remote control

·    Up to eight inputs and four outputs

·    Reconfigurable inputs and outputs

·    Home theatre bypass

·    Modular design

·    Add-on modules for phono, balanced inputs, and balanced outputs

·    Choice of internal or remote power supply

·    Fully CNC machined aluminum case

·    Choice of stackable, free standing, or rack mount profiles

·    Choice of color combinations


·         The ME58 Pre-amplifier is an advanced microprocessor controlled and monitored multi-function upgradeable line level stereo pre-amplifier.

·         In its most basic form the ME58 provides eight unbalanced inputs, one unbalanced line output and three unbalanced main outputs.

·         Rear Panel switching of inputs is used to reduce the signal path length to minimise noise pickup and crosstalk.

·         Front panel controls are provided for On/Off, Mute, Volume, Balance and Input Selection

·         Infra-red remote control is also provided for On/Off, Volume Up /Down, and Mute functions

·         A Remote Power Control terminal allows On/Off switching of ME Power Amplifiers  

·         A Home Theatre Bypass feature allows signals to be buffered through the ME58 with zero gain or attenuation.

·         Microprocessor control of major functions is provided, including start-up and shutdown sequences, remote On/Off switching of ME Power Amplifiers, reception of Infra Red Remote Control signals, control of Mute logic, and remote Volume adjustment.

·         Microprocessor monitoring of the DC level of the pre-amplifier outputs is provided, and shut down occurs automatically if an excessive DC Level is detected. 

·         Modular design and construction allows upgrading by the addition of several optional features.

·         Output: +20dBm into 600ohms

·         THD: Less than 0.001%

·         Supply Voltage: 120VAC 50/60Hz or 240VAC 50/60Hz, selectable via internal changeover switch.


The following optional features are available and, if not fitted during manufacture, can be retro-fitted at any time.

·         Inputs 5 & 6 may be upgraded to Balanced Inputs with the addition of an ME58 Balanced Input Module.

·         Inputs 1 & 2 may be upgraded for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Phono Inputs with the addition of an ME58 Phono Module. This module may be specified as either Moving Magnet or Moving Coil, or both.

·         The Unbalanced Line and Main Outputs may be complemented with the addition of an ME58 Balanced Output Module to provide 2 stereo balanced outputs configured either for the Main Output, Line Output or Both.

·         A Remote Power Supply Module may be specified to replace the standard internal power supply.